Unleash your Creativity and Your Passions

Unleashing Your Creativity

Mission-Passion-an experiential play shop


Creative mind and movement exercises

Location-Unity Center of Peace

Chapel Hill

July 26th 7-8:30PM

August 2nd 7-8:30PM

  • Guided Meditation- relaxation
  • Writing-Affirmations-Sharing
  • Processing information-easy and simple
  • Movement-Free dancing
  • Sharing and awareness

                   $20 each play shop

A versatile play shop for rediscovering your passion

Facilitator- Vanessa Vendola-Author and Poet

Author  of  “Illusionary Heart”

I  also create custom poetry- a passionate and purposeful poem for you or a loved one that enhances and embraces the core or divinity of your being.  I would love to create one for your next special occasion.


Inspirationally Vanessa!

919-810-3548  Please call for questions or more information.


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Heads Up Hands On Comes on Time Warner Cable’s Raleigh Television Network Channel

Heads Up Hands On Comes on Time Warner Cable’s Raleigh Television Network Channel 10 Monday nights 7:30 to 8:00pm and is produced by CiCi Higgins Williamson.



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A woman who knows her Worth-TV Talk Show

Check out Producer TV Talk show Host Deirdra Richardson, “A woman who Knows Her Worth” on RTN Channel 10 Tuesdays at 10:00 pm. and 8:30 PM on Fridays Yeahhhh!!! I am on this show, that continues for the month and I recite my Carry Me and 2 Essence Poems for Martin Brossman and Deirdra Richardson, Thank you Deirdra for having me as one of your guests!:) Inspirationally Vanessa Vendola
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Custom Poetry


Vanessa’s energy radiates as she dances through the crowds and lights up individuals with the touch of her intuitive, poetic expressions. She is the author of Illusionary Heart, a collection of her Essence and Inspirational Poems. She has also released 30 of her Essence poems on CD. Poetic Expressions is her passion and purpose, her tool to assist other artists and professionals in bringing their best to the world.

Vanessa is available for poetic performances and customized Essence poetry– for personal legacy keepsakes and memorable gifts for family and friends!

What is Essence

What is Essence
It stretches the imagination
It flows like a river
It shines like the stars
It smiles like the moon
It brightens up the day, like the sun
Most of all its your Soul
Reminding you of the power of your Divinity

- Vanessa Vendola

How I create your Poem

To create something special for you or someone you love, I take care to know you personally or through you that special person. You get started by emailing me your number and two different times for our calls.

It will take approximately two calls to create the poem.  On the first call we speak about the information I need to prepare for your poem. During these calls, you will need to be relaxed and ready for indepth conversations about you or that special person.

The poem will delivered to you within 10 days to two weeks.

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